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I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted.  
In Darkness He Waits #2
I picked up an old concept of Anubis from years ago and played around with it. I think I'll draw Anubis this way from now on. He needs to have that skull forever. ; )

Here is the first picture I did years ago:
In Darkness he waits by AlectorFencer

===You can finally order Myre - Chronicles of Yria Volume 1! Thank you so much for all the love and support! <3
Myre - Let the Journey Begin by AlectorFencer Myre - Chronicles of Yria Cover Full by AlectorFencer MYRE is finally open for orders! by AlectorFencer
Muse [ Trenise Cayla Chevalla Jordan ]

[ Character conception: March 2010 ]

Character Stats/Details:

~ Muse ~

Author & Owner: Brian G. Coverley

Original Concept: Brian G. Coverley 

DOB: July 19th 1997

Category/Classification: Severe Aberrant Human aka Pronounced Metahuman [ Homosapiens Nova (among a distinct — and quite sinister — minority: Homosinfandus, literal translation: “Man Monstrous”) ] with Unique Powers and Abilities.

Identity: Trenise Cayla Chavella Jordan 

[ Identity's ] Confidentiality: SECRET

Height: 5’ 10.585” 

Weight: 147.2688 lbs. 

Hair: Fiery Copper, with generous smooth transitions into burnished gold; oddly enough, also some hints of premature silver. The effect of it is a distinct, faintly peculiar — but not unsettling — appearance and ambiance.

Eyes: A distinct crystalline aquamarine. They may also completely change to an unsettling (to some), luminous wintry-silver when she’s profoundly upset, or fully enraged… or rapturous

Skin Complexion: a deep caramel-mocha/toffee blend … normally*.

Ethnicity [and/or] Heritage: African American and Afro-Caribbean Hispanic (Dominican; Puerto Rican; Cuban); also (French) Canadian and Irish 

Build: Trenise has the blessings of an athlete’s build combined with one for contemporary “high-impact” dancing such as hip-hop, especially the acrobatic variants. She keeps herself in the best shape she can, within the (current) parameters of her circumstances, but on top of that, enjoys dancing (especially hip-hop dance and/or breakdance and all their derivatives), practicing (developing) Jeet Kun Do, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and (Western/Occidental) boxing. She also runs, skateboards, and rollerblades regularly. But even more so, Trenise does intermediate to advanced Parkour, which includes speed-climbing the stairways of high-rise and multiplex buildings, and long-jumping over dangerous heights. She also jump ropes religiously, and more-often-than-not, she’ll accompany her younger sisters in local Double Dutch competitions.

Intelligence: Trenise easily exhibits intelligence which places her comfortably in the category/domain of “genius” Within the (archaic?) Stanford-Binet (metric of) IQ assessment, her intelligence is approximately 145. That said, she’s also exhibited the (?spurious?) notion of Emotional intelligence (EQ), which one can synonymize with both empathy/compassion and wisdom, seems to be even greater. To offer some insight into her personality, it’s been noted that since 2011 (age 14), Trenise fostered a genuine fascination with — and wholeheartedly adopted — certain nodes of contemporary alternative culture, specifically: tattoos, piercing and body alteration/modification. She’s also shown genuine love for and capability in abstract painting, often in the form of graffiti. She’s also shown an aptitude for singing, piano, and percussion at a level of sensitivity and artistry, which might be …profound. But Trenise has also demonstrated genuine interests in — and noteworthy aptitude with — mathematics, architecture, chemistry and biology, and both computer programing and software development… [ Note: Given that prevailing theorization as to the very source-nature and modality (of manifestation and conveyance) of her power being a heretofore unprecedented, and wildly dynamic form of Quantum-Consciousness (Psychic/Psionic) Empathy, it’s thus presumed that said EQ is a direct corollary…. ]

Physical Traits and Performance Capabilities: The woman known (through most universes) as Trenise Cayla Chavella Jordan, possesses some characteristics that are remarkable, but in of themselves can’t be deemed superhuman. She’s quite capable of, and relishes advanced Parkour, Vert-Surface Free-Climbing (VSFC) which is an urban variant of traditional/conventional Free (Rock) Climbing, skateboarding, Pilates and (various types of) Yoga, all of which she genuinely relishes and utilizes for finding solace and maintaining well-being. Resultantly, she’s an indisputably active and fit, young urban woman of mixed ethnicity.


Trenise instantly and fully manifests clearly superhuman/metahuman abilities, and/or *a suite* of said-mentioned, specifically when she listens to ... MUSIC!!!

Observed Modality/Mechanism: Each song and/or piece of music seems to be a catalyst for awakening —?unlocking? — latent (*heretofore* fully dormant), superhuman (or metahuman) powers/abilities/phenomena within her.

Perhaps, somehow, her subconsciousness mind interprets the music she listens to at the moment as a kind of access-code/trigger…

She has thus experienced — and wielded — bestowal of the following: 

Unmistakeable (and Astounding!!!) superhuman strength — to date: 699.86994 tons lift and carrying capacity  

Equivalency [1]: approximately 82 adult male "bull" African bush elephants

Equivalency [2]: roughly 12 times the weight of a standard anchor for a transoceanic, luxury cruise ship, such as RMS Queen Elizabeth 2

Equivalency [3]: the weight of about four NASA's OV (Orbiter Vehicle) 105 aka Space Shuttle USS Endeavor *with main engines* and full payload

Consequential (Astounding!!!) Jump and Leap Capability:

Method [1]: Standing Vertical (i.e. with no momentum) — approximately 330 ft! 

Method [2]: Vertical with full momentum (120 mph) — roughly 610 ft!

Method [3]: Standing Horizontal (i.e. with no momentum) — approximately 480 ft!

Method [4]: Horizontal with full momentum (120 mph) — approximately 1600 ft!

Consequential (marked but limited) Durability and Resilience:

Aspect/Characteristic [1a]: MOHS (hardness metric): 7.595 — noticeably harder than quartz!

Aspect/Characteristic [1b]: Yield Strength: 283.4995 (MPa) — noticeably greater than ASTM ‘A36’ Structural Steel

Aspect/Characteristic [1c]: Ultimate Strength: 1475.4879 (MPa) — noticeably less than diamond, but still far greater than ‘mild’ steel 

Aspect/Characteristic [1d]: Density: 8.94785 (g/cm3) — approximately the same as Cupronickel alloy

Example[1]: Once she was quite deliberately struck — in a heavily armored, V8 “Pro-Charger” Hemi™ Chrysler-Dodge truck going 94 mph — by a squad of “soldier” thugs (from one of the once many, now few gangs). She was knocked back (and off her feet) yet she only suffered a few (difficult-to-ignore) contusions and some moderate bone bruising. The armored Chrysler-Dodge truck didn’t fare so well… 

Example [2]: In this particular state, a “lieutenant”/“Enforcer” shot Trenise with a .300 Winchester Magnum Falkor ‘Petra’ assault rifle, from (just under) 70ft away — i.e. “Point Blank” range. Whilst the rounds punctured her integument (i.e. skin) and damaged the outermost fibers of her muscle tissues, that’s all that the rounds seem to have been able to achieve … much to the dismay of that gangster.  

Superhuman Speed, *with* concomitant Reflexes and Agility — to date: She has been clocked sprinting at 330 mphand yet she’s able to *see and effectively dodge* gunfire from small arms, including automatic weapons, e.g. incoming rounds from a Browning .50 caliber machine gun!

Telekinesis — to date: Torque 2100<3> (lateral) 2900<3> (radial); Newtons 689<3> Her Maximum Effective Range seems to be... 350 miles!!!!!

[[ Please Note: "<3>" is meant to denote (quantity/aspect/force) cubed*
Also Please Note: 
689 Newtons cubed is approximately 56 MILLION lbs (or 28 METRIC KILOTONS) of FORCE!!!! ]]

Psychokinetic force-blasts — to date: 7660 ft. Maximum Effective Range (thus far); 250lbs TNT (yield of) explosive/concussive force (187cd/mbrightness in the briefest moments of discharge and near-instantaneous contact/impact)  

Pryokinesis — to date: areas and targets susceptible seem to be whatever’s within her sight, yet 3600 ft. seems to be Maximum Effective Range; 2390° Celsius (nearly 4334° Fahrenheit, or 2663° Kelvin) and 92cd/m2 seems to be the hottest and brightest combustion measured, thus far

 (near) Instantaneous Radical Transformation (and Transmogrification) — to date: Trenise has become essentially a living — and burning!!! — statue of hardened basalt-granite blend of stone. In this form, Trenise exhibits truly incredible physical resilience and durability, unmistakably superhuman strength; whilst also producing superheated lava — released magma via exudation* — from an ever-shifting/changing spider web pattern of hairline fissures, therein radiating fearsome-terrific heat!!! 

 (marked but limited) Indestructibility and (quasi) Invulnerability, with resultant markedly altered physiognomy [i.e. not just appearance upon topical level ] — to date: 

Aspect/Characteristic [1a]: MOHS (hardness metric): 13.9595 — markedly harder than diamond!!!!

Aspect/Characteristic [1b]: Yield Strength: 2755.4995 (MPa) — inarguably higher/better than ’S-Glass’ epoxy composite

Aspect/Characteristic [1c]: Ultimate Strength: 4899.7879 (MPa) — markedly stronger than ‘Ultra-Pure’ silica glass fiber-optic strand

Aspect/Characteristic [1d]: Density: 19.94785 (g/cm3) — marginally (but no less remarkably) denser than Tungsten

Aspect/Characteristic [2a]: Proximal Radiance: 

From her physical body, to a variance of 1.65~2.3 ft: 345° Celsius (653° Fahrenheit, 614° Kelvin)

From three ft, to approximately 15ft: 340° Celsius (1040° Fahrenheit, 833° Kelvin), to 220° Celsius (428° Fahrenheit, 493° Kelvin)

From 20 ft, to approximately 60ft: 200° Celsius (392° Fahrenheit, 474° Kelvin), to 80° Celsius (176° Fahrenheit, 353° Kelvin)

Aspect/Characteristic [2b]: Exuding Superheated Lava:

From her physical body, to a variance of 280~300<3> ft: 1146° Celsius (2095° Fahrenheit, 1419° Kelvin) Please Note: "<3>" is meant to denote *cubed feet* 

Example[1]: She's fallen from a height of 450 ft, when knocked back and off of the roof of a 33 story office building (due to taking — and yet fully withstanding!! — a direct hit from an ‘AT-4’ one-shot/“Fire-and-Forget” Munition). Not only did she easily survive, she noticeably damaged the pavement and concrete that met her! That said, this modality affords Trenise a truly incredible resistance to extreme thermal and kinetic energy, and unmistakeable (albeit "moderate", that is to say: lesser) superhuman strength. 

Example[2]: She deliberately entered a roaring inferno of multistory apartment complex (to save as many as she could), which gave a mean temperature of 1290.65555 degrees Fahrenheit! She didn't so much as get a single blister! 

Example[3]: In this form, the full extent of Trenise’s superhuman strength has yet to be properly gauged but … She demonstrated physical might to *correct and haul* an overturned, burning fuel-truck — approximately 65 metric tons mass (including burning fuel) — that jeopardized 80 hapless civilians in immediate vicinity.

Flight *and* Pronounced Atmospheric resilience — to date: Trenise has been exposed to and easily survived atmospheric pressures as high and severe as 4.6 tons PSIA (pressures which would crush a 1970's steel-chassis Buick into a pancake!!), and as low and fatal as 28.7955"-Hg, almost a true vacuum! She's flown up to altitudes of nearly 35 thousand feet and (very) roughly gauged herself reaching speeds of just under MACH-2

Spontaneous Full Cellular Regeneration — to date: 

 Healing and/or Curing illnesses and/or physical damage in others — to date: 

 Physical Invisibility 

 Clairsentience — mainly (thus far) uncannily accurate premonitions; also *Limited Depth Precognition* (LDP); also *Limited (alas still quite erratic/problematic) Retrocognition* (LR)

Other Transformations — thus far: 

(fully) Sentient, Living, Condensed — yet still genuinely liquid! — Water

(fully) Sentient, Living, Condensed — !!Perpetually Combusting!! — White Phosphorous 


Trenise — Muse — needs to listen to specific music, to activate **and keep active, or “On”** specific superhuman powers/abilities, and/or a suite of such. Also, she *doesn't know* what kind of powers/abilities will exactly manifest, until she listens to the music. To date, she keeps a portable, mp3/mp4-playing device on her person, at all times. It has the complete playlist (thus far) of music/songs in which she's discovered/awakened (?unlocked?) powers.

Especial Note & Aside:

For Trenise, listening to new music is a very personal — yet problematic, potentially quite dangerous, if not fatal — experience, particularly for anyone around her, such as innocent unknowing, ordinary humans, but especially her (very few, genuine) friends and (remaining) family, whom she will go to (almost?) any length to protect.

[ Character conception: March 2010 ]

■■■■ NOTICE and WARNING ■■■■

This character, her image and iconography, her name and alias, and all fabricated terminology/fabricated language pertaining to her, is exclusively the intellectual property of Brian G. Coverley, the creator of said character, imagery, iconography, and all pertaining text and terminology fabricated and employed toward description. Through its very publication, this intellectual property is automatically subject to, and protected by extant United States Copyright Laws.

Al Lan Mandragoran: the Crownless King of Malkier
"..... 'My Lord,' Egwene [said], as glibly as if she had been using titles all of her life, 'I thought he was a Warder, but call him Dai Shan, and talk about Golden Crane banner, and did [your soldiers and liegemen]. Sometimes you sound almost as if he is a king. I remember once Moiraine called him the last Lord of the Seven Towers. Who is he?'
Nynaeve began studying her cup intently but it was obvious to Rand that abruptly she was listening even more closely than Egwene. Rand stopped and tried to overhear, without seeming to eavesdrop.
'Lord of the Seven Towers,' Agelmar said with a frown. 'An ancient title, Lady Egwene. Not even the High Lords of Tear have older, though the Queen of Andor comes close.' He heaved a heavy sigh, and shook his head.
'He will not speak of it, yet the story is well known along the Border. He is* a king, or [at least] should have been -- al'Lan Mandragoran, Lord of the Lakes, crownless king of the Malkieri.' His shaven head lifted high, and there was a light in his eye, as if he felt a father's pride. His voice grew stronger, filled with the force of his feeling. The whole room could hear without strain.
'We of Shienar call ourselves Bordermen, but fewer than fifty years ago, Shienar was not truly of the Borderlands. North of us and Arafel, was Malkier. The lances of Shienar rode north, but it was Malkier that held back the Blight. Malkier, Peace favor her memory, and the Light illuminate her name.'....

"..... 'From the cradle, they taught him all they knew. He learned weapons as other children learn toys, and the Blight as other children their mother's garden. The oath sworn over his cradle, is graven in his mind. There is nothing left to defend, but he can* avenge. He denies his titles, yet in the Borderlands he is called *the Uncrowned*; and if ever he raised the Golden Crane of Malkier, an army would come to follow. But he will not lead men to their deaths. In the Blight, he courts death as a suitor courts a maiden, but he will not lead others to it.
'If you must enter the Blight, and with only [so] few, there is no man better to take you there, nor to bring you safely out again. He is the best of the Warders, and that means the best of the best. You might as well leave these boys here, to gain a little seasoning, and put your entire trust in Lan. The Blight is no place for untried boys.'....."

^---- EXCERPT from: "More Tales of [ from ] the Wheel", Chapter 47 of "The Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan

Originally scanned into iMac: 2011
Originally drawn: (circa) 1995

::: tsk tsk :::
Again: Shame on me... for neglecting this piece, and for so long... 
' His sudden smile was cruel....' Ishamael (CU)
"..... 'A pity for you,' he mused, 'that one of your Sisters is not here. I was never very skilled at Healing, and I follow a different* Power now. But even one of them could only give you a few lucid minutes, if you did not destroy her first. What I can do will serve as well, for my purposes,'
His sudden smile was cruel.
'But... I fear Shai'tan's Healing is different* from the sort you know. Be Healed, Lews Therin!'...."
^--- EXCERPT: "Dragonmount": prologue of "The Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan 

Originally scanned into iMac: 2011
Originally drawn: (circa) 1994

[[[ ::: sigh ::: ]]]
Lews Therin... ' Healed '
"..... Pain blazed in Lews Therin, and he screamed. A scream that came from his depths, a scream he could not stop. Fire seared his marrow; acid rushed along his veins...."
Scanned into my iMac: 2011
Originally drawn: (circa) 1994

Again* for the record: 
[[ For only starting but then abandoning this ((along with DOZENS AND DOZENS of other pieces)) I should be ashamed of myself...
      ... and I *am* ]]

I MUST and SHALL finish this!


Primus-Ingeniator's Profile Picture
Brian Coverley
Artist | Varied
United States
[ BIO Pending ...

::: smirk ::: ]


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